Bob Locher
Grants Pass, Oregon USA


I am Bob Locher, known in amateur radio circles also as W9KNI, and this is my blog. As I write this I am quite new to blogging, so please be patient with me as I learn the WordPress software.

There will be three sections to this blog. One deals with subjects of interest to amateur radio operators. The second will hopefully be of interest to people interested in photography, and the third will be labeled “Musings” and will contain essays on various aspects of life. Though I have fairly strong political opinions I will endeavor to keep them out of my blog. I do have opinions on a lot of things that are not political, and I will not afraid to state them.

I will value comments on my offerings, but I do give fair warning – I will read all of them, once I have the mechanism set up, but will rarely if ever respond. I have no interest in starting flaming wars or encouraging them. In that respect, this blog will be more of a soap box than anything else.

You will also note there is no provision for email here. Why? For one thing, having been involved with customer service for many years, much of it by email. I want to retire from that and NOT get into long email exchanges. So I am going to be a curmudgeon. You don’t like what I have to say? Fine. Go start your own blog and say what you think. We will all be richer for it – or not.

Lastly, I do enjoy writing. I will try to make this a site worth returning to. This site will not come to full flower overnight – I figure it will be a work of at least a few years. And so, now it begins.

First – who am I? In answer to that question, I have decided the best approach is to offer two different biographies – one reflecting my amateur radio, the other by photographic background, which you will find under the appropriate headings.

On this page, just let me say that I and my wife Judy live in retirement in southwestern Oregon, a few miles west of Grants Pass. We love living in this beautiful area, with its mild four season climate and semi-rural atmosphere. We have no plans to leave.

As I write this, in 2019, I am 76 years old. My health is reasonably good, though I suffer from arthritis and am scheduled for a knee replacement.

Thanks for reading this far, and I hope you will be interested enough to visit the materials under the sub headings.